The three Kilwas of Tanzania, have provided a varied and somewhat forgotten past that has contributed to the history of east Africa , particularly through the introduction of the Swahili culture and the subsequent Islamisation of the Tanzanian coastline
The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani & Songo Mnara are an amazing archaeological site, to remind us of the glory of the island’s past when it once controlled all the waters stretching along what is now the Kenyan, Tanzanian & Mozambican coastlines.
​The beaches of Kilwa Masoko are rated some of the best in Africa and are often deserted​,​ unlike many other tourist destinations such as Lamu and Zanzibar. Masoko Pwani itself is a true tropical paradise.​
​ Kilwa District host another UNESCO World Heitage Site in the Selous Game Reserve, a huge abundance & diversity of wildlife live in a protected area the size of Switzerland​.
Other wildlife in the area include hippo pools and mangrove forests inhabited by hippos and crocodiles.
​ While the nearby seagrasses harbour the rare and elusive dugong. Further out to sea lie miles of virgin, coral reef waiting to be explored and documented.