Kilwa Beach Life

Kilwa Masoko has 2 beautiful beaches, the slightly crowded Jimbiza Beach and the deliciously unspoiled Masoko Pwani. Both beaches have hotels on and these two areas are now considered the premium tourist areas to visit when visiting Kilwa.

Jimbiza Beach

This beach is centrally located , just on the edge of town, which allows easy access but has the problem of being slightly busy and also having more litter than the other beaches.

The advantage of staying here is the full time swimming due to the deep water just off the beach.

Masoko Pwani

Fringed by miles of palm trees, planted by local coconut farmers, white sand and sapphire blue waters, the beach is that tropical paradise we all dream about during those long European winters.

A perfect horseshoe bay fringed with coral reefs the bay is free from any dangers providing an excellent and truly beautiful area for swimming and relaxing.​

A walk along the beach shows you the true nature of the area; nothing but sand, shells, crabs and birds: from tiny plovers to swooping hawks.

One of Kilwa’s largest fishing communities is based here and is a wonderful place to visit as the traditional dhow, sailing boats, return groaning with freshly caught seafood.

One of the main highlights to a holiday in Kilwa is the isolation, unlike the beaches of Zanzibar you will have no one asking you if you want a massage or hard selling you some unwanted junk. Instead people will stop and say hello before moving on with their timeless beach life.

Safari Jones’
Kilwa Tip

“Get a bajaj or stay on the beach at Masoko Pwani, 3km south of town, one of Tanzania’s most beautiful beaches”