Morocco – Land Of Mystery And Adventure

Morocco has long been a source of wonder for tourists from all over the world. For generations, young men from Britain – at least those from well to do families – would include Morocco as part of their ‘Grand Tour.’ Here they set out to explore the world in preparation for settling down in business or taking their place in the military. They would dream of making their name in the colonies and return ‘home’ a gentleman.

Today Morocco holds just as much fascination as it did all those generations ago. However, today tourists from all over the world visit Morocco in search of adventure of many different types.

The Moroccan desert is a great place for active adventures
Desert activities and adventure in Morocco

For those in search of more active pursuits, Morocco is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to explore.

For those who want to reach for the sky, a hiking trip to the Atlas Mountains should be on the agenda. Numerous companies offer multi-day trips to this fascinating part of Morocco. Take a look at by the US company Wanderlust Voyages Travel.

One of the most exciting parts of a tour like this is the ascent of Jebel Toubkal. At 4,167 meters this is the highest peak in Morocco. Getting to the top is no mean feat, and active tourists in Morocco will relish the opportunity to test themselves against the mountain.

However, a visit to the Atlas Mountains would not be complete without exploring the alleyways and hidden secrets of Marrakesh. Here the visitor can look for bargains in the souqs and immerse themselves in Berber culture while hiking through villages where very little seems to have changed in thousands of years. The architecture of Marrakesh alone makes this a trip worth taking.

Joining a tour group hiking through the hinterlands and larger villages and cities in Morocco is one of the delights of modern adventuring. For the active explorer, the chance to really get under the skin of Morocco should not be missed. There are numerous tour operators who offer these sort of extended hikes. A typical itinerary might take in Casablanca, Meknes, Moulay Idriss, Fes, and Marrakesh. This allows the tourist to experience almost every aspect of Moroccan life, cuisine, and culture – and enjoy the famed hospitality of the Moroccan people.

View from the sea of Coastal Town in Morocc
Moroccan Coastal Town Seen From The Sea

It is on a trip such as this where the sheer beauty and majesty of Morocco become apparent. From the soaring minarets to the souqs and medina’s this is the way to understand why this country has so long fascinated travelers from all over the world. Trips like this will also visit the Atlas Mountains and travel somewhat off the beaten path which will expose travelers to a way of life in Morocco that has changed very little for countless generations.

These extended trips are not the only way to explore the wonders of Morocco. Several tour operators offer shorter excursions which nonetheless give an exceptional idea of what makes Morocco tick. For instance, a tour of the gardens, mosques and Medina’s paints a picture of a city that is modernizing – but still contains some havens where the old Morocco can be experienced.

One such place is the medieval city of Fez – which is a UNESCO world heritage site. This town forms a dividing line between the influences of traders who visited from the coastal areas and the spectacle of the intimidating kasbah’s which were fortresses on the edge of the dunes which protected Morocco from threats from the interior. Exploring Fez and the surrounding areas give the traveler an insight into the multitude of influences that made Morocco such a vibrant melting pot of cultures during its heyday as one of the most important trading destinations in the world.

active adventure in Marrakech
Active adventure in Marrakech.

For those who want to venture into the stark beauty of the Saharan desert, there are your companies that will make this dream come true. It is even possible to overnight amidst the dunes. Of course, no excursion of this type would be complete without employing the services of the ‘Ship of the Desert‘ – the camel to reach the location of the evenings camp.

Morocco is a mix of the old and the new – and is the perfect place for the active adventurer to test themselves against some of the harshest and most fascinating (and beautiful) places that this region of the world can off – get there today.

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