Learn 5 Reasons You Should Take A Biking Holiday In The Philippines

Are you in need of a vacation? Do you want to actually have an adventure while on vacation? Are you yearning for someplace far away and exotic? If you’ve answered yes to all three of these questions, then keep reading to learn 5 different reasons you should consider taking a biking holiday in the Philippines.

1) You’ll stay in shape are at least get into it: Cycling is great exercise. Your doctor will tell you that. It’s a solid cardio workout that won’t ruin your back, knees, or feet. Of course, kids will tell you that biking is fun too. You can feel the wind in your face and the sun on your skin. Do you dread taking a vacation because of how much time you’d spend on your rump before coming back five pounds heavier? That’s not likely to happen on a trip like this. Just keep in mind that you’re not likely going to be able to take your own ride with you, given the size, weight, and cost of international luggage or shipping. So be sure you look hard into your options in terms of what bike you can rent while there. In some cases, it might be cheaper to actually buy a bike locally and then just donate it to someone before you leave.

2) You’ll see a beautiful part of the world: The Philippines sit near the equator and enjoy a lush tropical climate with verdant plant life. Also, sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean means beautiful beaches, and given how many islands there are, you’re never far from lots and lots of beaches, all without the throbbing hordes of tourists that plague other places like Thailand.

3) There’s not so much of a language barrier: If you’re fluent in Spanish, you might think you’re ready to speak with the locals in this former part of the Spanish Empire. However, you’d be largely wrong. There’s still some local dialects of Spanish spoken here and there, but it’s been 12 decades since the Spanish left, and the language is dying fast here. Fortunately, most citizens are taught English alongside the native tongue of Filipino or Tagalog, so you’ll have little trouble conversing with citizens when you get out of the tourist areas and into the countryside.

4) People back home won’t bug you so much: Telephone and internet access and coverage are widespread in the archipelago, but not perhaps at the level you’re used to backing home. You’ll be connected just enough to stay in touch with loved ones back home, but you can also duck out enough that your boss or co-workers won’t bury you in emails or have your phone ringing all the time with messages and updates while you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

5) You won’t cross borders by accident: If you’re into hiking, jogging, running, or cycling, then you’ve likely heard the horror stories. Someone got really into their run, ride, or hike and lost track of where they were. Before they know it, they’re surrounded by soldiers or border agents because they innocently crossed an international boundary that wasn’t marked very well or at all where they were. This won’t happen in the Philippines because it’s a chain of more than seven thousand islands, none of whom share a border with another country.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know 5 great reasons to take a biking trip or vacation in the Philippines. Consider which ones on this list speak to you, and if they do, start looking into saving up, taking time off, making reservations, or consulting a travel agent to put together this bucket-list-worthy adventure.